Книги: Computer Arts Presents: iPad - the creative pro's guide

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Computer Arts Presents: iPad - the creative pro's guide

Computer Arts Presents: iPad - the creative pro's guide

For creative designers and developers the iPad is a hugely important and commercially fertile place for which to create content. Understanding how to design for the iPad and the rules and conventions that govern its content is key – and this is where The Creative Pro’s Guide to iPad comes in.

Within the pages of this special issue from the team behind Computer Arts magazine, you’ll find everything you need to know for creating iPad content, whether for paying clients or for your own creative intentions.

Inside the Guide:

* The rules of app design
* 30 golden tips for creating killer content
* Profiles of app creators making mega bucks from their designs
* Behind the scenes on some of the App Store’s biggest-selling titles.
* Packed tutorial section where you can learn the tricks and techniques for creating iPad-ready apps in no time at all.

The features and tutorials you’ll discover in the issue will equip you with the skills to go out and start pushing your content onto the 3 million iPad users ready and waiting to be entertained, challenged, aided or informed by your brilliant app idea.

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